Terra Block System

The Terra Block System makes possible the large-scale construction of low cost, affordable, energy-efficient homes and commercial buildings. Terra Block, Inc. has perfected a machine that converts our most abundant raw material (common soil) into one of our most needed building components. These portable machines convert ordinary earth on a building site, into rock-hard, durable blocks, used in construction. The machine is towed to a site by a normal pick-up truck or SUV. It takes the soil, which is already there in abundance and converts it into strong, stable building blocks. There is no material cost and no freight expense. The blocks are dry stackable and do not require skilled labor to be made or used in construction. The raw material - dirt - is readily available at the job site. No material cost or freight. No expensive additives required. Dry stackable-Skilled labor not required for construction. Blocks are simply plumbed and stacked.

Composed of dirt under intense pressure to create dense and incredibly hard blocks. Acts as heat bank, balancing out temperature fluctuations. Low maintenance. Long-lasting and durable. Inexpensive - Historical average cost is less than $ .12/each. Bullet Proof . Fire Proof. Exceed a 210 mph wind load as independently tested.

A comparison of Terra Blocks to other common bricks/blocks is as follows:.

Brick Type
Terra Block
Fired Brick
Concrete Block



Terra Blocks are the cornerstone for the success of  Terra Block as it enters into the development of affordable housing in third world countries

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